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Get the goat from one place to another along the face of cube by rotating a cube along each of its axes. If the goat falls off the cube, it's dead. If it runs into a dead end -- dead. Face the mind-bending challenge of rotating objects in three dimensions to form a path and show all challengers your mastery of 3D space!

Controls: Use your mouse or touch if your screen supports it!

Note: You may (frequently) die instantaneously for no good reason. Sorry! We're working on it!

Made with Unity 4.6.x


  • Jeff Rose – Production/Game Design/Programming
  • James Zinger – Programming
  • Terry Katsoulis – Programming
  • Steven Jomha – Programming
  • Tyler Paisley – Secretary/Programming
  • Daria Gordeeva – Art and UI Design
  • Sook Binning – Sound Design
  • Andrew Farnsworth (ACCRETION.of.PLANETESSIMALS) – Music
  • Special thanks to Tabby Rose for her game design contributions